About Us


Alrahila Company seeks to be a leading company (in terms of quality of service and integrity) and lead by example in the field of automotive service and management stations to provide a range of integrated services for motorists and passengers inside and outside the cities with the highest domestic and international standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

We also seek to expand and move from just a leading company in sales of petroleum products to a manufacturer in the field of mixing oils which helps in supporting the state’s economy, which we consider to be a part of our responsibilities towards the nation.

As our vision for the future of best description of it is through the strategic goals of the company:

  • The company provides with vitality, flexibility and efficiency to achieve operational excellence and reliability and safe performance through advanced work efficiency and smart decision-making and budget procedures and distinctive performance measurement and improve the way we work.
  • Our Concerns overall is on the development and continuous quality systems and the environment, safety and occupational health.
  • Capacity-building knowledge and skills is used to improve our operations and systems selection, leadership development and performance assessment, innovation and research and development.

Company’s Strategy

The Board of Management places a strategic business plan as a road map for the Board and executive management in order to achieve the goals set whether targeting quality or quantities, the amount of administrative and regulatory work plan is included in the development strategy list of those goals with the mechanism of control and performance measurement verified periodically.

The most important objectives are summarized in the following development plan:

  • Improve the quality of services and achieve an appropriate level of quality in their submission.
  • Formation of a network of stations inside and outside the typical cities.
  • The development of the transport sector to meet the needs of the company and convert it from a cost center to a profit center.
  • Development of the identity of the company to keep pace with customer expectations.
  • Applying the concept of the overall quality of all sectors of the company.
  • Development of the services provided by the stations.