Vendor registration

Rahila oil services maintain records of its approved suppliers for materials being purchased regularly, Rahila’s contracts are done only with approved suppliers.

Companies in favor of working with Rahila should present their registration applications, and upon approval that they comply with Rahila standards, The Company’s name will be added to the records of approved suppliers

Steps and documents required for suppliers for on-line registration

  1. The approval on all Requirements below
  2. Fill in on-line supplier application form
  3. Attach a copy of:
    • Valid Commercial License
    • Valid Certification of chamber of commerce and industry
    • Supporting documents of Commercial Agencies (If Exist)
    • A certified signature of the Authorized person to sign
    • a certified letter of authorized signature (in case that the authorized person is not the owner of the license)
    • A copy of valid passport for the owner of the company
    • Bank statement issued by the bank signed and sealed by the authorized person in the company

General Conditions

The Supplier or service provider Acknowledges and accepts the following terms and conditions in order to proceed with the on-line supplier registration on the system

I hereby on behalf of the company requesting the supplier registration and being the authorized person, I shall be committed to:

All information submitted to Rahila Company for oil services, through the registration process for vendors is true and correct and reflects the reality of our commercial activity.

I understand completely that finalizing the process of On-line registration does not ensure that my company will receive an invitation to participate in tenders or that the company has become a certified supplier. This registration step is considered to be the preliminary process and Rahila has the right to accept or refuse the applications based on Rahila’s business needs

I understand completely that all e-mails, faxes, Letters sent by courier or hand-delivered after receiving confirmation is considered to be an official correspondence between the supplier and Rahila oil services

I am committed in ensuring the confidentiality of Rahila company information.

Contact (Procurement Dept.):

3244 210 091
3650 383 091

Contact (Tender committee)

3343 530 092